The connection error "Did not receive file manifest reply from server" is commonly attributed to the customer's network environment. In some cases, restarting the affected local machine is able to resolve this condition.

For more severe cases, we recommend getting your organization's IT/Network Support team involved, and have them validate the local network configuration (e.g. proxy, VPN, firewall, etc) using our

Firewall Requirements article:

Proxy Configuration for Windows Registry

They'll need to ensure that bi-directional traffic is permitted across ALL Silo end points using the documentation above.

If you continue to experience a connection error, please attach the session.log from the affected local machine, so we may help look for additional clues. The session.log file(s) can be found in one of the following folder paths:

Where do I find my session log?



Alternative Access:
You may try to access Silo using the Web Client available at if enabled for your organization.

Additional Notes  

Please contact Support if you have any additional questions and/or require further information.