This feature allows Users to select their language preference within the User Profile. 

System Requirements

  •     Current version of Silo 


  1. Log in to Silo
  2. Click the User Profile icon  
  3. The User Profile displays, click the User Profile button
  4. Click the Language section, the language screen displays

        5. To add a language, click the Add Language button


        6. Choose "English (UK)" from the drop-down list and click the Add button.

        7.  The language, "English (UK)" appears in preferences. Since this is the user's primary language, the user can move it  up to the top of the list.  Click the Ellipsis next to the English (UK) language. This screen appears,

            The "English (UK)" language is at the top.

 Additional Notes  

Please contact Support if you have any additional questions and/or require further information.