Major Release 

Release Date: May 28, 2020


● Web Client 1.9
● Platform update

Major Features:

Session Resume added to Web Client - Web Client users can now reconnect to their existing Silo session in the event of a network interruption. This feature is also available in our Windows and Mac clients. More info on session resume can be found here.
SAML SSO support added to Web Client - Web Client users can now authenticate using SAML, in addition to existing PIN-based authentication. This feature is also available in our Windows client. More information on SAML support in Silo can be found here.
SAML support added to URL-based launch - It was possible to launch Silo via a URL (A8J), and to have it redirect to a predefined URL post PIN-authentication. It is now possible to do the same post SAML-authentication.


Improved CAC support for Dual Persona users - 2.9.13 Windows client can now be used with CAC that have two credential certificates. This functionality is not available on other clients at this time.
Geolocation by Google will now reflect app server location - Some users experienced an issue where Google would incorrectly and inconsistently geo-locate them. We now insert a cookie into the Silo session so that Google will correctly geo-locate the Silo session to the location of the remote server where the cloud browser session is running.
Browser compatibility warning for Web Client - Users will now receive a warning if they use a browser that has not been qualified with our Web Client. See our support page for more info.
 Improved Microsoft Edge support for Web Client - Various issues related to Web Client not functioning as intended on Edge have been resolved.
Navigation improvements in Web Client - Scrolling experience should be smoother in Web Client. Clicking forward or back button in the local browser will now cause the Web Client to navigate to the next or previous URL.
Updated Adobe Flash version - Silo platform will now run version of Adobe Flash.

Bug Fixes:

● Fixed issue where bookmarks may accidentally be reset.
● Fixed various web sites not loading properly.

Known Issues:

● Print functionality does not work in Web Client when used on Firefox.
● Mouse wheel scroll may be sluggish in Web Client when used on Firefox.

Special Note:

If the web client does not load correctly, please try to clear the browser cache. This should only be required once, and is due to an older copy of the web client code being cached in the browser.

Additional Information

Please contact Support if you have any additional questions or concerns.