We have a new Customization policy group that contains the new Silo Branding and Homepage policies.


This policy group allows customer administrators to brand Silo, as well as, pre-configure a Homepage for the end users to brand Silo and allows admins to pre-configure a Homepage for users.

Click the Customization arrow to expand the policy. Here you can set policy for Silo Branding and Homepage. Click the Edit button to expand the Silo Branding policy page.


Silo Branding

This is the Silo Branding page. You have the option to add a Logo, select a Background Image, set a Ribbon color, a Ribbon Help Link, a Ribbon Message, and create a Silo Vanity URL.


Organization Logo


The organization’s logo displays in the top-right corner on the New Tabs page only.



 takes approximately 15 minutes for the new brand to update. You will need to log out and then log in to see your branding update.

Silo Vanity URL

This is a custom name appended to the gestsilo.com URL that you can provide to your users to have a branded front end. Once you enter your Vanity URL, please click the Save button.


The URL is also found under the Edit Orgs panel in the User and Orgs section.

You may edit this URL in either section. Additional information about how to best use this URL is available in the Support link



Vanity URLs can only contain letters (a-z, A-Z) or digits (0-9) and must be between 2 and 63 characters long.


At the end bottom right of the Branding page, there are two buttons: Preview and Save.

The Preview button gives you the ability to preview the changes before applying them. When you click the Preview button, the Silo Custom Branding Preview modal displays the organization logo, background image, key color in the button and tab. We do not show banners on the preview page.


If you like the changes, click the Save Changes button.

Homepage Policy

When Homepage is disabled:

  • The Homepage icon does not show in the Silo Toolbar

  • The Homepage icon does not show in the Browser Settings Panel available through the Vertical Ellipsis Menu


When the Homepage is enabled:

  • The Homepage icon shows in the Silo toolbar next to the navigation arrows

  • The Admin can choose to set a homepage for the users

  • The Admin can choose whether to allow users to override the pre-configuration homepage to their own or be restricted to the pre-configured one

  • The users can set their own homepage through User Settings


Once this policy is edited/saved at an org level, the “Revert to inherited” link displays on the far right of the policy header section. Click the link to reset the policy at the org level and is by the policy at the root of that org.


  • Once the policy is enabled, a Homepage icon will display on the Browser Panel. However, if the policy is disabled the users will not see the Homepage icon.


Additional Notes  

Please contact Support if you have any additional questions and/or require further information.