Error Message



If you receive this error, it means you are not connected to the internet or your local network is not allowing you to connect to our launch servers. 


If you are receiving this error and are connected to the internet, please disconnect and then reconnect all internet/VPN connections and retry. If you continue to get this error, then the issue is most likely a local network device (firewall, etc.) which is causing this issue.

Also make sure port 443 is open for non-Web Sockets Traffic bi-directional. One test is to see if you can launch the Silo Web App, which will tell you if port 443 is open (this is via Web Sockets).

Please see the following link Details About Firewall Rules Needed for Silo Access

Additionally If you are using a Silo installed app we can take a look at your local Silo session logs to verify where the connection block is happening. Please see the following link Where to I find my Silo session log file? 

Additional Notes  

Please contact Support if you have any additional questions and/or require further information.