We recommend white-listing our IPs and App Servers to avoid the following connection errors.

Error – Failed to create SSL connection. Socket connected, but not secured.

        If the A8 Launcher IPs are white-listed but the App Servers are not, the following error message appears.



Solution: This issue is most often caused by your local network administrator enforcing SSL inspection on your machine. Silo registers SSL inspection/decryption as a Man-In-The-Middle attack. Silo requires that an organization’s network administrator whitelist Authentic8 IP addresses for SSL Inspection.

You can find more details about this topic at: https://support.authentic8.com/support/solutions/articles/16000026587-details-about-firewall-rules-needed-for-silo-access . Please make sure all Authentic8 IPs on this support page are also whitelisted.



Additional Information

Please contact Support if you have additional questions, or require further information about Silo.