The Session Health Monitor (SHM) is a Silo feature, which gives the user the ability to view various performance metrics during a given session.  This can be used to help the Silo user identify performance issues when needed. The four metrics collected:

  1. Network Responsiveness - this is the measure of time for a packet to travel roundtrip from the client to the Silo datacenter.

  2. Data Loss Rate - this is the number of retransmitted packets

  3. Memory Utilization - client computer memory utilization

  4. CPU Utilization - client computer CPU utilization

The network responsiveness aka client-server roundtrip triggers the SHM icon to change color. This Network Responsiveness metric compares observed network responsiveness against defined thresholds:

  • Green (Good) = <75 milliseconds

  • Yellow (Average) = 76-200 milliseconds

  • Red (Poor) = 200+ milliseconds


    1. Click the SHM icon and the Silo Performance window displays.

2.  Click a metric to drill down to see the last five minutes of readings against the good/average/poor background. This example displays the Network Responsiveness metric. 


NOTE: Not all platforms are equivalent. Windows collects all four metrics. Mac, Web Client, and iOS platforms only collect the Network Responsiveness metric.

Additional Notes  

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