The Session Health Monitor (SHM) is a Silo feature, which gives the user the ability to view various performance metrics during a given session.  This can be used to help the Silo user identify when their session is not performing optimally.  

The two metrics that are available for the user include:

  1. Network Responsiveness - this is the measure of time for a packet to travel round trip from the client to the Silo datacenter.

  2. Data Loss Rate - this is the number of retransmitted packets

The Session Health Monitor can be found in the Silo Navigation Bar.  

These metrics can triggers the SHM icon to change color. 

This Network Responsiveness metric compares observed network responsiveness against defined thresholds:

  • Green (Good) = <75 milliseconds

  • Yellow (Average) = 76-200 milliseconds

  • Red (Poor) = 200+ milliseconds

The Data Loss Rate compares packet loss percentages within defined intervals:

  • Green (Good) = < 1%

  • Yellow (Average) between 1% and 5%

  • Red (Poor) = 5% or higher

Users with sessions having metrics consistently reaching the red (poor) zones should reach out to their Silo Administrator or IT Help desk to evaluate options for improving their network connection.


    1. Click the SHM icon and the Silo Performance window displays.

2.  Click on the "Data Loss Rate" link to display the Data Loss Rate.

Additional Notes  

Please contact Support if you have any additional questions and/or require further information.