Q:  What cookies do you store in Silo and in Toolbox? 

ACookie handling in both Silo and Toolbox browser environments behave much like traditional web browsers. For instance, if you were to sign-in to amazon.com while in a Silo session, and accessed an amazon.com hyperlink in a separate Silo tab, the cookie indicating that you're signed-in to amazon.com would be present -- this behavior is true for both Silo and Toolbox.  

Please note that this particular cookie behavior does not extend across individual Toolbox instances. For example, if you have multiple Toolbox browser sessions open, the cookie containers are expected to remain exclusive to each respective session.

Toolbox and Silo will have slight differences once a browser session has been closed. For Toolbox sessions, no browser data is retained, so all cookies are purged, and a fresh browser is presented upon each launch.  

The same is mostly true for Silo except for end-users who choose to save their login credentials to a particular Web App, and have the Password Saving policy enabled. Some relevant cookies are preserved to help prevent MFA login prompts from constantly appearing, along with various usability reasons. In general, saved cookies will vary from one website to another.

With the release of Web Client v1.9, cookie insertion was implemented to help improve Google's geolocation reporting accuracy while using the Web Client. Also, in an August 2023 infrastructure update, cookie persistence was implemented for Google-based Web App shortcuts, such as, Gmail.

Additional Notes 

Please contact Support if you have any additional questions and/or require further information.