Major Release 

Release Date:  March 1, 2023

Major Features:

  • Printing Support: By Policy, Silo now offers the ability to print documents and web pages directly to the locally connected printer within the Chromium environment. The Local Printer dialog is presented when the Print policy is enabled, along with the proper conditions. 

  • When Printing is enabled, and the Data Transfer -> Download policy is disabled, using the installed client will trigger the [Save as PDF] functionality and allow the user to save the PDF to any available storage locations. See Create/Print as PDF when Download Policy is Disabled : Authentic8 Support


  • Added the ability to fill shapes drawn using the Silo screenshot tool

  • When using the web client, if the minimal chrome policy is set, a thin, customizable ribbon will display at the top of the viewport instead of a URL bar.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where sometimes saving a file would throw an unsupported character error due to the length of the filename.

  • Fixed issue where file downloads while in Silo for Research Toolbox were not extending the session timeout.

  • Fixed issue where sometimes very long videos would stop playing when viewed in Silo Drive.

  • Fixed issue where sometimes the screenshot icons would not show up in the extension popup.

  • General platform improvements and security fixes.

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