For Admins

This policy can be set at any org level. From the Admin Console:

  1. Click Manage for Policies and scroll down to the Advanced section
  2. Expand the Advance section
  3. Scroll down to the Selective Chromium Render (Beta) policy and click Edit
  4. Click the radio button for Enable Selective Chromium Rendering to select
  5. Click Save

IMPORTANT: This change will be effective only after starting a new Silo session.


Enabling this policy will seamlessly redirect websites experiencing rendering issues into a Chromium browser environment, which will have the same Logging and Security features as Silo, but with limitations on certain functionalities.

Policies like Allow/Block of websites will be functional, but features like bi-directional Upload/Download will not be available.

This new feature should not impact general website interaction or navigating around the internet. Although some impact pertaining to backwards navigation is to be expected once inside the Selective Chromium environment.

For example: If you click on a website that is rendered in Chromium, you may not navigate back to the original website where the redirect was triggered.

There may be other unlisted nuances as this is a new release, so we encourage you to contact our Support team if you have any problems using this feature. Below are a list of known/expected behavior:

  • History will not save. Any browsing done in Selective Chromium Rendering will not be tracked and, after a session is closed, will be lost.
  • Content/Domain Filtering can cause rendering of dead tabs. If you open a link that navigates to a domain or URL that is on the filtering list, that tab will be dead/empty without a way to navigate backwards. 

    This means that if the navigation occurs in the same tab as the active browser, that session will not be usable after the Chromium redirect, and previous navigation will be lost.

  • File Transfer and Credential Management are not available. Stored credentials and the ability to upload or download files to and from websites is not available with this release.
  • Time Zone in GMT. There is a known behavior where the time zone may show as GMT (UTC) -- e.g. Gmail may show email timestamps in GMT.
  • Printing in Slate sessions gives Printing is Blocked dialog; to dismiss this dialog, simply press the ESC key.
  • Websites provisioned via a Web (App) Shortcut will need to authenticate manually
  • Customers with the Two-Factor Authentication policy enabled will receive a 2FA prompt

Additional Notes 
If you are using this feature and you run across a website that you think should be added to the list of websites that will render in Chromium or if you have questions about this feature, please reach out to us at Support.