Here are three common Collector errors.

What does the “Unsupported URL for Video Download” error mean?

If this is the error message provided in the job details of a failed job, this means that the backend system used for Video Downloading does not support the site that was requested in the task. Unfortunately, not all sites on the web will be supported for video download due to changes in the backend collection and on the sites themselves - though as time goes on sites will be added, and removed, from what are supported.

What does the “Requested Format not available” error mean?

The specified video format requested is not available for download for the video in question.

What does the “Task Timeout” error mean?

The task took too long and was not able to complete within the allotted time, please make sure the task is not trying to perform an action on an unavailable website or trying to download something extremely large. Additionally, this error occurs when the HTTP response times out or takes too long. If this happens for a normal website, such as a screenshot of a known website, running the task again usually solves the issue - and if not you can use the advanced options to extend the request timeout.

NOTEDefault system task time is 15 minutes for most requests, so if the request takes more than 15 minutes it will timeout. This could cause issues when trying to download live video streams.


Additional Notes  

Please contact Support if you have any additional questions and/or require further information.