If your Silo administrator permits you to save user-created web apps, then you will be able to add, edit, and delete them from Silo. If you are using Toolbox, you will not be able to create web app shortcuts because they will need to be assigned by the Silo administrator for security reasons.

System Requirements

  • The most current client version of Silo, or

  • The most current version of web client


  1.  Open Silo and log in (if applicable)
  2. Click the "+" tab and enter the URL to the website, in this example, Yahoo Mail, is the web app shortcut we want to create.
  3. Enter the Login Name, select the app you want to save, and click the Save button. 
  4. However, if you are not sure if you want to save this shortcut you can click the Not Sure link. This will user record the shortcut. This means that the web app is not in the base catalog, and only exists in the user account. 

Upon return to the Shortcuts page, you can see the Yahoo Mail web app appears.

Edit the User Password

  1. Click the View All link at the bottom right of the Shortcuts section. The shortcut page displays.

      2.  Click the Edit button. The Shortcut Web App page displays. You can click the Edit the Password button to change the password and/or check the box to "Login at Startup". Click Save button to complete the changes.

Delete the Web App

1.  Press the red Delete button. The Delete confirmation pop-up appears.


2.  Click the Delete button to confirm.

3.  Click the Done button at top right corner to return to Shortcut page. The Yahoo Mail web app shortcut is deleted.

Additional Notes  

Please contact Support if you have any additional questions and/or require further information.