Silo Admin Console

  1. Set Vanity URL value

  2. Enable SAML SSO via Policies > Access & Authentication > Single Sign-On

  3. Download the SP Encryption Certificate (SP_cert.crt) to your local machine.

  4. DO NOT hit Save; leave page open.

OneLogin Administration

  1. Navigate to Applications > Add App

  2. Search and select: SAML Custom Connector (Advanced) -- SAML 2.0 and proceed with the configuration below.

Display Name: Authentic8 > Click Save


Relay State: 2 (Installed Client), 4 (Web Client)
Audience (EntityID):<vanityURL>/login
Recipient:<vanity URL>
ACS (Consumer) URL Validator*: ^https:\//getsilo\.com/sso/saml/[^/]+/login$
ACS (Consumer) URL*:<vanity URL>/login

Login URL:<vanity URL>

SAML Initiator: OneLogin
SAML nameID format: Email
SAML issuer type: Specific
SAML signature element: Response

Encrypt assertion = Checked

SAML encryption method: AES-256-CBC

SAML Encryption - Public key: Copy and paste contents of SP_cert.crt

Click Save


Credentials are: Configured by admin

NameID value: Email


SAML Signature Algorithm: SHA-256
Key Cipher: AES-256 CBC

Download X.509 Certificate (X.509 PEM) and upload to Silo Admin Console > Policies > Access & Authentication > Single Sign-On > IdP Signing Certificate

Copy Issuer URL value and paste into IdP Issuer field in Silo

Copy SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP) value and paste into IdP Login URL field in Silo

Click Save in Silo Admin Console

OneLogin Administration - Disable Framing Protection

Navigate to Settings > Account Settings > Framing Protection

Select: Allow all framing regardless of origin (DEPRECATED, please migrate to origin whitelists below)

Click Save

Optional: Configuring Desktop SSO/IWA


Windows Server Firewall: Allow TCP Port 8080 (default) on your Windows Server(s) Firewall for both incoming and outgoing traffic.

Note: Authentic8 makes no warranty on third-party software integrations. We assume no responsibility for errors or omissions in the third-party software integration or documentation available. Using such software is done entirely at your own discretion and risk.

Please contact Support for any questions.