Tips for Active Directory Sync Tool Admin

Full Docs on the Authentic8 Support Site

Some key pointers:

  • As soon as you install the tool go into your Services, locate the Authentic8 User Synchronization Service then stop it and set the start type to Manual.

  • Check out the attached sample configuration file and use it as a guide to build your own domain-specific config file.

  • Make sure to take full advantage of the a8usersync.exe -dryrun feature to review the output and determine exactly what users are going to be synced.

  • Start the Authentic8 User Synchronization Service... and set the startup type to Automatic (delayed).

  • Once your configuration is setup and all your users are loaded be sure to set breakermode=true to prevent accidentally deleting all of your users with any future config file edits or accidental mass security group edits.

Additional Notes  

Please contact Support if you have any additional questions and/or require further information.