An Administrator can add, delete, and move organizations. However, to get to this functionality, you must click the Users & Orgs' Manager button.

 1. From the Admin Console, Click the Edit Orgs button


 2. The Edit Orgs window displays. From this window, you can Add, Delete, and Move an Org.


Add an Organization

1. From the Edit Orgs window, click the + icon, Untitled Org appears in the Selected Org Name field.

2. Enter the name of the organization.

Note: Leave Move To: field blank.

  3. Click the Save button. Once you click Save, the Name will change from Untitled Org to the name you entered

Move an Organization

1. Select the Org to move and click the drop-down menu by Move To: then select the organization. The Undo Changes and Save buttons display. 

 2. Click the Save button to Save or Undo Change button to undo changes

Delete an Organization

1. To delete an organization, click the “- “icon. A Delete Organization message displays.

2. Click Yes


Organization Tips

  • You cannot delete an organization if users are assigned to it. You will first need to move the users to another organization or delete the users.
  • You cannot delete an organization if it has a sub-organization. You will first need to move or delete the sub-organization.
  • You cannot delete an organization or sub-organization if it has admin rights assigned. Please contact support for help with identifying admin user. 

Additional Notes  

Please contact Support if you have any additional questions and/or require further information.