This Admin Console feature allow Silo Administrators the ability to export user information to a .csv file format. This export provides you with a list of current Silo users.


 1.  From the Admin Console, click the Manage button.


2.  Click the More drop-down menu, click Export Users button.

3.  Storage Manager window opens, select a folder and click the Save button.



Export Fields:















Example of .CSV File

Export Field Descriptions

Field Name
OrgnameOrganization Name
User NameUser Name (email)
Given NameFirst Name
SurnameLast Name
EmailEmail address
Telephone number (include area code)
ActiveTrue or False –Active is True generally most of the time. If Active is False, User is Suspended by the Admin.
Locked OutTrue or False – If True, it’s usually because users fail to enter their pin correctly multiple times. An admin can create a temporary password for a user in this state within the user details panel of the Admin Console.
True or False – If True, this User will be deleted within 36 hours.
If set, identifies the temporary, one-time-use password that can be used to complete the login process and set an user-created PIN

Additional Notes  

Authentic8 recommends that administrators carefully safeguard any exported users lists because they may include temporary, one-time-use passwords that are associated with new user accounts or accounts where an admin has explicitly reset the user’s password.  

Please contact Support if you have any additional questions and/or require further information.