The Video DownloadHelper Tool provides ToolBox users the functionality to take download videos from supported sites, based on user based options and settings.

The primary purpose of this page is to provide a basic introduction to the Video DownloadHelper Tool and to its use. This page does not even begin to touch on the feature's functionality and those looking to maximize its use are advised to visit the resource site linked below.

Video Download Helper Activation

The video downloading tool is activated by selecting the Video DownloadHelper icon on the far right side of the ToolBox navbar.

No Video Content

On pages where there is no available video content to download, the Video DownloadHelper icon is not highlighted or colorized and clicking it generates the following error message.

Video Content 

When you have a video that you want to download, click the Video DownloadHelper icon.

The icon begins the video downloading process and triggers a drop-down menu containing the variants of videos available for downloading.

Video Selection and Downloading

Click on the desired video variant for downloading and the Storage Manager is opened to initiate the downloading process. Please see below for information regarding the Storage Manager.

Another method for downloading is by selecting the right-pointing arrow icon on the right side of the desired video variant, which opens the Downloading Menu detailed below.

Downloading Menu

Here is the Downloading Menu, with the associated action accurately described in the image.

Storage Manager

When downloading a video the Storage Manager is opened to complete the save process. From the Storage Manager, there are multiple options for saving the video.

Video Converter Requirements

A video converter requirements warning message is generated when a video variant with conversion issues is selected for downloading. The simplest workaround to the issue is to select a video file that is free of conversion issues, if one is available. If not, a converter will have to be installed.

Note: Please see DownloadHelper Support for additional information.

The Options Menu

Here is the Options Menu along with a brief explanation of its features and functionality.


 About - Generates a pop-up that gives feature information relating to functionality, support and troubleshooting. 


 Supported Sites - Provides a list of sites that Video DownloadHelper supports.

 Analyze page - Allows for page analysis to be more productive in downloading.

Convert local files - Allows for video file conversion processes.

Note: This feature is unsupported.
Start Periscope auto-record. Video

Note: Please see DownloadHelper Support for additional information.

Note: This feature is unsupported.

Start capturing the browsing session.

Note: Please see DownloadHelper Support for additional information.

Note: This feature is unsupported.

Clear hits

Settings - Takes you to a customized settings page, which enables the user to get the most out of Video DownloadHelper.

Note: Please see DownloadHelper Support for additional information.


DownloadHelper Support

Additional Notes

Please contact Support if you have any additional questions or require any further information.