The Screen Capture Tool provides screenshot functionality within Silo and Toolbox environments.

Screen Capture Activation

The Screen Capture Tool can be activated by three methods: a right-click, menu selection, and a hot-key shortcut.


There are three ways to activate Screen Capture:


A. Right-click within the web page

B. Menu selection

C. Keyboard shortcuts



A right-click from anywhere within the website will display a screen capture pop-up menu

Menu Selection

1. From any Silo tab, click  the menu icon below the Silo logo in the upper right corner 

2. Select the desired screen capture options.

Hot-key Shortcut Command

1. Pressing  "Shortcuts" as seen above will display the following screen capture pop-up option with Hot key commands.

Screen Capture Options

Silo's Screen Capture Tool has four options: Entire page, Visible part of page, Selected area, and Page fragment.


Entire Page - This option selects the entire page, from start to finish, including material that lies outside of the visible screen. These images can be quite large.


Visible Part of Page - This copies everything that is visible on the screen. 

Selected Area - Provides a crosshair cursor selection functionality that enables the selection of rectangular sections of the page.

Page Fragment - Allows the user to select a section of the desired page for capture.

NOTE32,000 pixels is the present height limitation of the screen capture tool. 

Post-screen capture - The Edit Menu

After selecting a screenshot the image is opened in a page allowing for simple editing and file saving options.

Here is the Edit Menu.



Storage Manager

When saving an image, the Storage Manager dialog will be displayed to complete the file save process. There are multiple location options for saving the image file.

Additional Notes  

Please contact Support if you have any additional questions and/or require further information.