This document walks an administrator through the steps of manually adding a user via the Silo Admin Console. Other options for adding users are using Authentic8's Active Directory Tool or importing a CSV file with user information. Note: Please see How to Import Users via CSV for additional information.

1. Log in to Silo using an account that has been granted Administrator privileges over User Permissions.

2. Click on the Silo Admin app icon on the top left of the Apps ribbon 

  • The A8 Admin Console will open the following Admin Console dashboard page

3. Click on 

  • The Create New User window will open

4. Enter the User Details

  • First and Last Name 

  • Email Address 

  • Phone # (Will be used for OTP authentication)

  • Username (Should be the same as email address)

  • Organization (Org/Level the user should be part of)

5. Optional: Web Apps/Policies

  • Web Apps and Policies will be inherited from the Organization level, if not specified

6. Click Finish on the Create New User section.

7. Confirmation of the new user details will appear.

  • Click Save to ensure the new user is added to Silo.

8. After saving, a new window (Confirm User Addition) will confirm that the user is being added.

  • To confirm that the user has been added and is billable, click Confirm.

Additional Notes 
Please contact Support if you have additional questions or concerns.