Silo is an on-demand, remote, disposable browsing environment which executes browser code without taxing or exposing local resources.  The ability to Import and Export Bookmarks enhancement to the service allows users to use transfer their local bookmarks into Silo for use.  Or to export bookmarks generated in Silo for storage elsewhere. 

Technical Requirements

  1. You must have user permission to Upload and Download files within Silo. Administrators have the option to restrict Upload/Download activity. Please verify that these options are enabled per your organization's File Transfer policy.
  2. You must have access to either a Temporary, Pooled, or Personal storage space in order to import bookmarks. 

Bookmarks Source

Silo supports HTML Bookmarks format. Generating this Bookmarks type will vary from browser to browser. Please check the 3rd-party browser documentation for export instructions.

Importing Bookmarks Into Silo

  1. Have an exported bookmark file in HTML format ready to upload
  2. Upload your HTML bookmark file to one of the storage containers
  3. Select the Silo Cloud Storage Icon
  4. Select Upload → Drive (screenshot shows temporary storage as the example drive)

        5. Select your bookmark file and press Open.  This will upload the file to Authentic8 Cloud storage

    6. Load the bookmark file to Silo
  • From the Silo toolbar select the Silo Storage Icon 
    7.  Find your bookmark file and select it. Then press More  → Import Bookmarks

    8.  Select Import to confirm

  • Bookmarks are loaded.

Export Bookmarks to Storage or Local Drive

If you want to export your bookmarks, this can be done from Silo.  

  1. Select the Silo Cloud Storage  Icon
  2. Select More → Export Bookmarks
  3.  Choose a location and name for your bookmarks.  This can be Authentic8 Storage or your local drive.  Also, you may overwrite  the file you imported previously.

Additional Notes  

Please contact Support if you have any additional questions and/or require further information.