Language Translation provides users with an integrated language translation service within Silo and Toolbox.


  • Usage Scenarios
  • Enabling Language Translation via Admin Console
  • Using Language Translation 

Usage Scenarios

Users are able to translate content in three ways: 

  • Full page translation
  • Select text and translate (highlight, right click, translate)
  • Ad Hoc text translation (either typed or copied into the translate window)

Full page translation 

Full page translation assists users in translating the content of a web page. When visiting a foreign language site users can either select the appropriate source and target languages from the Translation Toolbar or if the user does not make a source language selection, the Translation Service will attempt to identify the source language when it receives the query.

Once source and target languages have been selected, hitting "Translate this page" extracts the text and passes it on for translation. If the source language has not been selected, or has been incorrectly selected, the translation service will auto-detect/correct the source language and update the From field when it returns the translated result.


Translated content is displayed on the page in the same position as the source content. The Translate this page button will change to a Revert button to allow the user to switch back to source language content


Select text and translate

Users can select a segment of text within the browser to translate by highlighting source text on a page, right clicking and selecting Translate from the menu. A popover split-pane window will appear showing source text on the left, and translated text on the right.


The translation toolbar does not need to be visible to use this mode of translation. If the toolbar is not visible, the source language will be auto-detected and the target language will be English by default. If this is the wrong target language, the user can select a new one in the To field and hit Translate again. Hitting reset will clear the selected text translation.

Ad-hoc text translation

From the Toolbar, users can select "Translate Specific Text". This will reveal the same split-pane window with source and target language. Users can enter source language in the left pane by typing or copying and then hitting translate. The source/target languages can be selected from the toolbar drop downs. The source language will be auto-detected if none is selected. Ad hoc translation is independent of the source language of the page that the user happens to be on.


Ad hoc translation is a generally useful way to translate any content, not just content that is presented on a web page. It is also a good way to translate content on a web page when the text cannot be extracted; for example content that is part of an image, or part of an i-frame.

Enable Language Translation via Admin Console

To translate content, the org admin needs to enable Language Translation policy in the Admin Console. The default setting for this feature is ‘Disabled’.

Using Language Translation

 When the policy has been enabled by the admin, users will find a Translation icon in their Silo ellipsis menu. Selecting this item will display a horizontal translation toolbar at the top of the Silo/Toolbox window. The toolbar can be dismissed by hitting x in the far right.


Additional Notes 

The default selection for the target language is English.

Please contact Support if you have any additional questions and/or require further information.