A Progressive Web App (PWA) is an app created using web platform technologies that provides a user experience similar to that of a platform-specific app. 

Authentic8 provides a PWA app shortcut for its Silo web client. To download and create a Silo Web client shortcut, we have launched a separate website: https://get.a8silo.com


Follow these steps for Chrome/Edge (Chromium-based browsers):


  • Once you click on install it, you will see a Silo Cloud Browser shortcut on the user's desktop.
    • Please note that during the initial installation, there might be an issue where a second pop-up window opens if installed from the base page (get.a8silo.com). However, this works correctly on the second run. To avoid this, if you open the launch button first (which opens a pop-up window) and then install the PWA, it will work as expected on the first run.

Follow these steps for Firefox:

  • Firefox requires a pwa extension in order to install and manage the PWA Web apps such as Silo Cloud Browser.
    • One of the Firefox extensions that can manage PWA web apps is the Progressive Web Apps extension. Please keep in mind that this extension requires additional local system installation.
  • Once the Firefox extension is installed, navigate to https://get.a8silo.com/, and you will be able to download the Silo Cloud Browser shortcut, as shown above.

Follow these steps for Safari (macOS):

  • This functionality is only supported in macOS Sonoma and later.
  • Navigate to https://get.a8silo.com/
  • Click on File and then Click on Add to Dock Option.

  • A Silo Cloud Browser Shortcut will be created in the Dock menu, as shown below.

Additional Notes  

Please contact Support if you have any additional questions and/or require further information.