Release Date: May 1, 2024
Major Features:

    Silo Video Downloader: 

  • The new Silo Video Downloader extension will allow users to streamline the downloading videos in a convenient and user friendly manner. This new capability includes the ability to download videos from websites via the new extension or from the right-click context menu.

  • Silo Video Download offers three modes:

    • Quick Download: Downloads the video on the currently viewed page using default download options. The user simply chooses a drive and filename, and the video will download to that location.

    • Download: The user will be presented with limited options, such as the ability to download the file package zipped or unzipped (default is unzipped) and selecting an output format (ex. .mp4, .webm, etc.) in addition to the file name and location.

      • For customers who have purchased Silo Transcribe and Translate, that feature has also been integrated into the download flow.

    • Send to Collector: The currently visited page, egress, and other known information will be sent to the Collector user interface with fields, such as URL and Egress, already pre-populated.

      • The user will be able to make adjustments to the job options within the Collector UI, allowing a fully customizable download while also conveniently pre-populating some of the information.

  • Silo Video Downloader will automatically be enabled for users who have previously purchased our Collector add-on, a package including the Collector add-on, or have been given access to the Collector Video Download capability. If you are interested in this capability but do not have access to the extension please contact your account manager or the Authentic8 support team.

    • Organizations with this feature will find it in the Silo for Research browser on their extension bar represented by this icon:

    Silo for Research New Tab Page:

  • We have enhanced the Silo for Research new tab pages to provide additional situational awareness to users as they access the platform.

  • The new tab page includes:

    • Information about the Egress Environment being accessed, including how your connection is seen on the public internet and any website you connect to. 

    • This information covers information such as the operating system, device type, network location, network provider, language settings, IP address, geographic location as represented by your IP, and the local time at that location.

    • The new tab page also includes information about the Local and Cloud systems accessing the Silo for Research platform.


  • Improved UX of the screenshot editing tool, including adding the ability to change color of the fill, line, and border and adding the ability for users to highlight content using a highlighter tool.

  • Added the ability to persist user bookmarks from session to session in Silo for Research. Bookmarks are specific to an individual node / Toolbox.

  • Added Silo Drive right-click context menu to allow users to access existing functionality such as rename, download, etc.

  • Added the ability for admins to add custom CA (Certificate Authority) Certificates to allow for access to custom websites using non-standard SSL certificates such as internally hosted and maintained websites.

  • Added the ability for Admins to set a custom timeout page that a user is redirected to after the idle timeout when using the Web Client.

  • Added both Micro and Macro Categories field to URL user audit logs

  • Added additional logging "actions" to the Secure Storage logs to allow admins to determine between users uploading, canceling an upload, etc.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the shapes drawn in the screenshot edit page would disappear after cropping the image

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes when selecting area for screenshot the captured image would not be the same as selected

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