Release Date:  September 20th, 2023


  • Added a new policy to set the Silo session into read-only mode.
    • This policy toggles Read-only mode for sessions. Read-only mode blocks web form submission and text entry into input fields while still allowing users to click links and navigate to other websites if needed.
  • Added SCIM support to existing IDP/SSO support via the Silo External API
    • This new feature allows admins to configure Silo to connect directly to existing IDPs to support automatic user creation, suspension, and deletion when integrated.
  • Added support for the existing Navigation Control Policy in the next generation Silo Chromium platform. The policy is located in the Admin Console Browser Settings section. 
  • Added additional dynamic policy controls to the Silo Isolation API
    • Support was added for both Read Only, Ribbon Branding, and Minimal/Standard Chrome (aka Ribbon) policies. Silo Isolation API documentation has been updated to reflect these new policy controls.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where saving a .har file while in Silo for Research caused a file download error showing the file size at 0B
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes a translation error would occur when translating specific text using automatic language detection after doing a full page translation 
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes when doing full page translation from Automatic language detection to a specified language the origin language becomes a random other language
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes crop in the screenshot edit page would not work correctly if scrolling is done and box is created while dragging upward
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the reset button in edit screenshot page did not reset current shape or textbox on the page
  • Fixed an issue where using a port in addition to a URL in a Bypass Isolation policy entry would not be correctly picked up when navigating to the corresponding webpage
  • Fixed additional edge cases where when downloading files to the local computer a user would get a "Transfer Error" message or the download would get stuck at 50% and never finished downloading

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