Major Release 

Release Date:  April 11, 2023

Major Features:

  • Silo Transcribe and Translate: New Silo for Research Add-on (not available in legacy platform). Silo Transcribe and Translate includes the ability for users to download videos from websites as well as adding the ability to transcribe and translate those collected videos in a single request. The feature also allows for the manual upload of Audio and Video files stored in Silo Drive for transcription and translation.

    • Outputs include:

      • Text transcriptions in both the original and translated languages

      • Subtitle files of both the original and translated language subtitles on videos. Note: Subtitles files are not supported on audio files.

      • Video files of the original video, with original language subtitles and translated language subtitles on videos. Note: Subtitled videos are not supported on audio files.

    • All usage logs for collections, transcriptions, and translations are located under the HARVESTER log type. 

If you are interested in learning more about this new feature, please contact your account manager.


  • Enhanced Collector user interface and workflows, including enhanced error handling

  • Added support for Video download in Collector for users to select the video output format for collected videos (ex. MP4 -> MOV).

  • Updated the User Agents available in Silo for Research platform, simplified listing.

  • Added support to the Ad Block policy allowing admins to specify the exempt list that will not have uBlock enabled on, as well as limit user access to the settings pages.

  • Added the ability for Collector and Harvester visual tasks to be collected against websites with invalid or self signed SSL certificates.

  • General back-end improvements and maintenance to existing software libraries.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where using Harvester, a visual job would error out when the job did include the parameter “vis_params”.

  • Fixed issue where when using the web based client, if the download policy was set to “Enable for trusted devices” and the print policy was set to “Allow all” then users would get a “Print not allowed by policy” error.

Additional Notes

For more information or to contact support please visit