Major Release 

Release Date: August 24, 2022

Silo Features:

  • Improved Silo extension icons

  • Updated “new tab” page for Silo

  • Added support for authentication to websites using CAC/PIV in Silo

  • Admin Console is now accessible from the new Silo Experience

  • Ability to view, rename, delete, and move files within Silo Drive, including ability to view HTML and MHTML files 

  • Credentials stored in Silo Web Apps should now autofill for associated websites

  • Users are able to save credentials for a website if policy is set to enabled

  • Usability improvements to Screenshot tool, including additional shortcuts

  • Added support for copy/paste of screenshot images outside of Silo

  • Added support for a8j, a8s, and a8 protocols

  • Added support for Catchall user workflows

  • Added support for “Trust this device” workflow to add new device as trusted on startup

  • Added support for “Change PIN”, remove device from trusted list, login history, and user language settings in user profile

  • Added support for Collector in Next-Gen Silo and Silo for Research via a browser extension

  • Added support for persistence of user bookmarks from Silo session to session, and added Bookmark Bar support

  • Ability to add custom fields to a user record in the User Management area of the Admin Console (please reach out to support for assistance with this feature)

  • Added hardware decoding support to increase speed and performance while using the Web Client

  • Extension to allow users to toggle Javascript on and off during a Silo for Research session

  • Browser stability, user interface, and performance enhancements

  • New version of remote display protocol to improve experience while using Silo


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where some save file workflows caused the file picker to freeze and would not allow the user to change the file name or save the file

  • Fixed issue where icons sometimes show up as black circles instead of the correct image

  • Fixed issue where sometimes copying a URL or text while using the Web Client would cause the last character to be malformed

  • Fixed issue where if the user’s Printing policy is set to disabled, Save as PDF workflow is blocked

  • Fixed issue where files uploaded from local machine sometimes show as “unknown” type

  • Fixed issue where Login Message “show once” policy was not being respected

  • Fixed issue where sometimes a file would stop downloading and hang at 50% complete

  • Fixed issue where clicking on live links while using the page element or selected area screenshot tool would trigger a page redirect instead of a screenshot capture

  • Fixed issue where unicode domains were not being blocked by policy

  • Fixed issue where sometimes the PIN pad page was not auto-focused and required a click to start entering the PIN

  • Fixed issue where some newly created folders did not show up immediately and required users to close and reopen Silo Drive

  • General bug and security fixes


Additional Notes

The new Silo for Safe Access release is generally available and includes a number of new features, improvements to existing features, and bug fixes. This release is missing a couple features that will be released later in the year. Known missing features are: 

  • Printing to local printer

  • Multi-file download from Silo Drive to local endpoint

  • SIlo website history is not retained from previous sessions


This release is also available for customers using our FedRAMP infrastructure if they choose to enable it in the Admin Console. 


The legacy version of Silo will still be available for use for customers who would like to use both versions.


Known Issues

  • When downloading a malicious file to a local computer in Web Client, if policy is set to block malicious downloads, the download will be blocked silently

  • Rarely, data in the user profile extension will disappear from the user interface; this is not data loss but a UI bug, and restarting the extension or session should fix the issue

  • Large file transfers do not extend the session timeout if the user does not interact with Silo; this only impacts very large file downloads

  • Silo for Research Toolbox Message Bar is still not available in Chromium

  • Legacy Toolboxes cannot access internet when launched from the new base Silo

  • Sometimes, URL logs are missing the request response code data

  • When using both CAC and PIV during the same session, CAC certificates will not be available for website authentication


For more information or to contact support please visit Support