Major Release 

Release Date: May 25-26, 2022


  • Added ability to tab through Silo Screenshot options
  • Added ability to launch Silo Screenshot through right-click context menu
  • Added highlighting when tabbing through Silo Screenshot, Silo Translate, Silo Keyboard extensions in Silo Chromium
  • Removed the “Save, Edit, and Copy” popup after capturing a screenshot, automatically bringing user to the edit screen, similarly to the legacy platform
  • Added hover to display shortcuts for Silo Translation and Silo Screenshot
  • Added file sorting by type, date, size, filename to Silo Drive 
  • Added text search for files in current directory to Silo Drive
  • When saving a file, the file picker now autofocuses to the filename field and a user is able to tab to the save button or hit the enter key to save 
  • Overwriting an already existing file now supported in Silo Drive
  • The selected "translate to" language in Silo Translate now persists fr the duration of the session
  • Read-only and Write-only drives now supported in Silo Drive

Bug Fixes:

  • Added a fix where SAML authentication was not updating the last login timestamp in the Admin Console
  • Improvements to stability and performance to mitigate browser crashes or ‘Aw Snap’ errors
  • Fixed issue where closing a Silo for Research Toolbox on Web Client incorrectly could cause it to stay alive and not allow a Toolbox relaunch
  • Fixed issue where downloaded file did not save to Silo Drive during workflows such as Save as PDF
  • Silo Screenshot and Silo Translate keyboard shortcuts now working again
  • Fixed issue where themes would not apply to extensions in Silo for Research
  • Fixed issue where downloading a large number of files would block the Silo Drive button
  • Fixed issue where annotation on a screenshot image would be shifted down instead of in the area the annotation was added
  • Fixed issue where some websites that presented an incorrect language to the translation tool would cause a “Translation Error”
  • Fixed issue where sometimes file sizes were incorrectly displayed in Silo Drive user interface and could cause download issues
  • Fixed issue where date was not being included in the Timestamp output while using the screenshot
  • General bug fixes, security and system improvements

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