Authentic8's Silo Web Isolation platform has been rebuilt to take advantage of Chromium's modern browser architecture. This process describes the steps needed for Silo Administrators in order to experience the new platform. 

Configuration Steps

  1.  A Silo Administrator will need to configure certain policies to enable the Chromium platform for their org.
  2.  Launch the A8 Admin console, and drop down to the org level that you'd like to enable Chromium for.
  3. Navigate to Policies > Browser Settings
  4. Edit the New Silo Platform policy > select Enable > click Save 
    This enables the Chromium platform as a Browser Environment option.
  5. Edit the Default Browser policy > select Chromium > click Save
    This sets the default version for end-users when launching a Silo session.

Override Access to the Silo Legacy Environment

Once a Silo Administrator has configured Chromium as the Default Browser, end-users can regain access to the Silo Legacy environment by appending _waterfox towards the end of their username.

For example, if the username is demo123, the Legacy override username value would be demo123_waterfox.   

If the Silo Administrator has enabled Chromium, but kept the default platform as Waterfox, end-users can access the Chromium platform by appending _new to their username.

For example, if the username is demo123, the Chromium username value would be demo123_new.   

Additional Notes  

Please contact Support if you have any questions or need further assistance.