Authentic8's Silo Web Isolation Platform has been rebuilt to take advantage of the most modern browser architecture available, Chromium.   This process describes the steps application administrators will need to follow for their users to experience this beta version. 

Please see instructions for using SAML SSO with the Chromium beta under "Using the Chromium Platform" below.

Configuration Steps

  1.  An administrator for your organization will need to configure the policy enabling this platform.
  2.  Log into the "Silo Admin" console.  Select the org or sub-org that you would like to enable this policy for, then select "Policies" and then "Browser Settings" 
  3. Edit the "New Silo Platform (Beta)" policy.
  4. Select "Enable" and then Save the Policy.


Using the Chromium Platform

Once your organization has been configured to use the new Chromium platform, users can access it by appending "_new" to their username.    For example, if your username is demo123, to use the chromium platform the user should type demo123_new.   

For organizations utilizing SAML SSO, the RelayState code within your respective IdP will need to be changed to or for the installed Silo client and web based Silo client respectfully. 

Installed ClientWeb Client (
RelayState Code56

In addition to changing the relay state, organizations can also access the Silo Beta through SSO by using the following links:

Please note that the org_id will need to be changed with your organization's vanity URL. You can read more about the vanity URL and SAML SSO for Silo access here:

Additional Notes  

Please contact Support if you have any additional questions and/or require further information.