Major Release 

Release Date:  April 5, 2022

Silo for Safe Access Major Features:

  • Policy controlled option for user to launch into the New Silo for Safe Access based on Chromium

  • User audit logging

  • Silo for Research Toolbox Launch

  • Website launch from Shortcut icon

  • Save as PDF/HTML functionality via Print workflow

  • Search Tabs available

  • Policy control of Copy/Paste

  • Policy control of Domain/URL Blocking and Category filtering

  • Policy control of Custom Block Page

  • Policy control of Local File Transfer

  • Malware Scanning of local file downloads

  • Policy control for set homepage

  • Policy control for login message

  • File Download progress and File management user interface

  • Upgrade Chromium to newer version

  • Screenshot

  • Soft Keyboard

  • Google Translate

  • Silo Health/Network Monitor Extension

  • User Profile extension support for editing personal information and set homepage

  • Import/Export of Bookmarks in Silo

  • History Page

  • AdBlock Extension

  • Okta Extension

  • DRM support

  • Extensions are pinned to extension bar

  • Added user create time to Users page in Admin Console

  • Selective Chromium Rendering improvement

  • Performance enhancements

Silo for Research Major Features:

  • Silo for Research Toolbox Persistent Message Bar support
  • Added new Tor User Agent to list

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue where wildcard blocks domains not covered by the wildcard

  • Screenshot annotation issues resolved

  • Soft keyboard sporadically not showing up in Chromium Toolbox

  • Message Bar Extension language, platform, and location bugs fixed

  • Webclient support for access using browser’s Private Browsing mode
  • General bug and security fixes 

Additional Notes:

The new Silo for Safe Access release is in Beta and may contain bugs and missing features. Many of these will be fixed or added over the coming months. Known missing features are,

  • Credential Management, Web Apps will launch but have no stored credentials

  • Printing to local printer

  • Admin Console Access

  • File management: rename, move, delete, and view file

  • Persistence of bookmarks between sessions

Known Issues:

  • When downloading a malicious file to local computer in Web Client, if policy is set to block malicious downloads the download will be blocked silently

  • Silo for Research Toolbox Message Bar custom colors and messages not implemented yet

  • Waterfox Toolboxes cannot access internet when launched from Silo for Safe Access Chromium Beta

  • Login Message “show once” feature not implemented yet - login message is shown at every user login

  • Read-only and write-only drive policies are not honored yet

To enable please reference the following support article:  Enabling the Silo for Safe Access New Experience Beta

For more information or to contact support please visit