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Silo for Research Chromium Toolbox

For our Silo for Research customers, we have enhanced our Silo Web Isolation Platform adding the Chromium browser, the most modern browser architecture available for all Toolbox locations. We will round out the Silo for Research feature set, and in a future release we will transition Silo for Safe Access (SfSA) to a Chromium-based experience.

By utilizing Chromium as our browser framework moving forward, Silo for Research customers will benefit from: 

  • a more familiar, modern and performant experience
  • better obfuscation through a more common browser fingerprint
  • a future with more features delivered faster by Authentic8 internally as well as through vetted 3rd party extensions

Administrators can now provision the Chromium platform for all Toolbox locations. To learn more about Silo for Research Chromium Toolbox please refer to the Release Notes and this article, “How to Create a Toolbox Launcher”  Please send your feedback to


Selective Chromium Rendering (Beta) Policy

In the Advanced Policy section is the “Selective Chrome Render (Beta)” policy. Selective Chromium Rendering allows users to access websites that are inaccessible with the current Waterfox-based browser by rendering those sites in a limited Chromium browsing instance. Limitations are listed in the feature’s Admin Console Policy support page.

The current version of Silo for Safe Access will still be available for user access and only sites flagged for Chromium rendering will be impacted if the policy is enabled. The default setting will be set to ‘disabled’, so if you would like to use this new feature you will have to enable it via the Admin Console policy.  If you encounter sites with rendering issues that you believe should be added to the list, please contact support. Release Notes are also available.


Hello September! Thanks for the reminder that change can be beautiful. 

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Additional Notes  

Please contact Support if you have any additional questions and/or require further information.