New Homepage Experience for Silo for Research

Find fresh content each week when you launch Silo

You may have noticed Silo for Research has a new homepage experience. This page is built to deliver fresh, informative and helpful content to our customers to both improve your use of the solution as well as your tradecraft.


This page will be updated weekly to share tips and tricks, OSINT news and feature releases, as well as Authentic8 events, resources and training. If you need to access your shortcuts, simply open a new tab, and they will appear automatically.


Depending on your organization's Silo policy and your level of access (administrator privileges are required), the new Homepage can be disabled/removed by navigating to the following section:


Admin Console > Policies > Customization > Homepage >


Option 1: Revert to Default

Option 2: Disable Homepage


Remember to [Save] any changes; a new Silo session will need to be established in order for any changes to take effect. 

If you need further assistance with this page, please contact your Silo administrator or create a support ticket in the Authentic8 support portal.