Published July 20, 2021

Dear Customer,

Summer - July Support News for Silo for Research Customers

Silo for Research (Toolbox) Chromium Beta Release - July 19, 2021

Today, Authentic8 is releasing our Silo for Research (SfR) Chromium beta. To take advantage of the most modern browser architecture available, we have rearchitected our Silo Web Isolation Platform. This SfR beta release is our first step. We will round out the SfR feature set, and in a future release we will transition Silo for Safe Access (SfSA) to a Chromium-based experience.

By utilizing Chromium as our browser framework moving forward, SfR customers will benefit from: 

  • a more familiar, modern and performant experience
  • better obfuscation through a more common browser fingerprint
  • a future with more features delivered faster by Authentic8 internally as well as through vetted 3rd party extensions

Administrators can now provision the Chromium platform for all Toolboxes locations. To learn more about this beta, please refer to the Release Notes and this article, “How to Create a Toolbox Launcher”  Please send your feedback about the beta to

New Silo Home page

This week, we will also roll out a new homepage experience to Silo for Research end users to deliver fresh content. We hope they’ll find it informative for both using the solution and improving their tradecraft. This page will be updated weekly to share tips and tricks, OSINT news and feature releases, as well as Authentic8 events, resources and training.

New Domestic Toolbox Egress locations

Included in your existing Silo for Research subscription, we added six new domestic egress locations.

  1. California - San Jose
  2. Colorado - Denver
  3. Illinois - Chicago
  4. New York - New York City
  5. Texas - Dallas
  6. Virginia - Ashburn

Note: To add these locations, when selecting your egress location, select the domestic node server set.

Coming in August - New Training Webinars 

Be sure to join our new training sessions starting this August led by Authentic8's Matt Ashburn, former CIA Cyber Security Officer and National Security CISO at the White House. Training sessions will be tailored to address the needs of basic end-users and admins, as well as, online investigators looking to hone their tradecraft. You can register for all training sessions here.

Please contact Support if you have any additional questions and/or require further information.

“31 days of July can make a huge difference to life – all you need to do is FOCUS!

Thank you,
Authentic8 Support