Major Release 

Release Date:  July 19, 2021 

Chromium Silo for Research Beta Release

This is a major release and is the first of many releases related to the rearchitecture of the Silo Isolation platform backend. It is the first release of the next generation Silo Isolation platform.

New Features

  • New backend of the Silo for Research platform based on customized version of Google’s Open Source Chromium project
    • User Interface and Experience Improvements - more familiar, modern and performant experience
    • Better tradecraft through a more common and modern browser fingerprint
    • Extensible backend allowing for more features, delivered faster by Authentic8 as well as through vetted 3rd party extensions
  • This is a Beta but does contain most of the features in the Legacy platform, with additional releases planned to add missing or broken functionality. Features that are available include but are not limited to,
    • Basic Browser functionality, e.g. Find in Page
    • Security Features and Attribution Protections
    • Access to All Egress Locations, including Tor (ZeroNet is not available)
    • All Egress Settings (Geolocation, Language, etc.)
    • User Agent Switching
    • Out of Band Translation
    • Screenshot
    • Soft Keyboard
    • Developer Tools
    • Upload/Download to and from the Web to Storage
    • VideoDownloadHelper
    • Thunderbeam (Chrome version or Lightbeam)
    • Import Bookmarks
    • User Logging

  • New Browser Type option for SfR/Toolbox provisioning in Admin Console (Legacy vs Chromium)
    • Legacy Silo for Research/Toolboxes will still be available for provisioning and user access

Additional Notes  

Please contact Support if you have any additional questions and/or require further information.