Published: July 14, 2021


The Next Generation of Silo for Research

On behalf of the entire Authentic8 team, I’m pleased to announce that the week of July 19th we will release the beta of Chromium-based Silo for Research!

The Silo Web Isolation Platform underlying Silo for Research and Silo for Safe Access has been re-architected to take advantage of the most modern browser architecture available.  This beta release for Silo for Research is a first step.  Ongoing releases will round out the Silo for Research feature set, and in a future release we will transition Silo for Safe Access to a Chomium-based experience.

By utilizing Chromium as our browser framework moving forward, Silo for Research customers will benefit from:

  • a more familiar, modern and performant experience
  • better tradecraft through a more common browser fingerprint
  • a future with more features delivered faster by Authentic8 internally as well as through vetted 3rd party extensions

We are excited for customers to begin using and testing this next generation of Silo for Research and to hear your feedback.  Please be on the lookout for additional information through an official release announcement!

See attached document below.

Thank you,

Co-Founder & President, Ramesh Rajagopal

Additional Notes  

Please contact Support if you have any additional questions and/or require further information.