Sent 3/15/2021 to customers who need to upgrade.

Dear Silo Customers:

Don’t be locked out of Silo!

Grace Period to upgrade to the most current or supported Silo client is through April 1. If you fail to perform the upgrade in 18 days, you will lose access to Silo using the following versions:  


  • macOS client versions 3.8 and older
  • Windows client versions 2.9.11 and older
  • We do not support iPadOS 14, ETA for a compatible Silo client is TBD.
  • Linux - ALL Linux clients, including version 1.1.3 are no longer supported

IMPORTANT:  We will no longer support any Linux clients and iPad iOS (iPad) except client version 3.7.0 for iPadOS 13.

Please contact our Support team if you have questions with any of our current Silo client build and/or how to implement them in your organization.


If you have any questions, please contact


Thank you, 

Authentic8 Support