Greetings Silo Customers,

We’re excited for the recent release of the Web Client, version 2.0! 

The Web Client 2.0 release contains extensive performance and navigational improvements. Expect faster session startup, more responsive navigation and scrolling, and a natural browser experience. The goal for our Web Client team is to deliver further improvements throughout 2021, so please continue to keep an eye out for more updates. If you want to check it out, click here.

For those who are using the installed client, we want to remind you to upgrade to the latest version.

Grace Period to upgrade to the most current or supported Silo client is through April 1, 2021. Once the grace period expires, you can no longer access Silo using the following versions:

  • macOS client versions 3.8 and older
  • Windows client versions 2.9.11 and older
  • iOS (iPad) client versions 3.7.0 and older (except for 3.7.1 for iPadOS 13). We do not support iOS 14, ETA for a compatible Silo client will be around Q2 of 2021.
  • Linux - ALL Linux clients, including the most recent version 1.1.3 are no longer supported

Please contact our support team if you have questions on our new Silo client releases and/or how to implement them in your organization.


Thank you for using Silo!

Authentic8 Support