Major Release 

Release Date: June 26, 2020

Major Features:

● Smart Card Proxy Authentication - In addition to Basic/Kerberos/NTLM authentication, Windows Client now supports smart card (e.g: PIV/CAC) client certificate proxy authentication. More information can be found here.

● Dynamic Monitor Change via session resume - when monitor arrangement and resolution changes as the user performs monitor actions such as plugging out of or into a docking station, monitor / screen settings (such as monitor arrangement & screen resolution) are properly updated. This is accomplished via session disconnect and resume and can be enabled by setting the SupportMonitorDisplayChange registry entry. More information can be found here.


● Support for adding registry settings to installer command-line parameters - it is now possible to specify default Windows Client registry settings when using msiexec for installation. More information can be found here.
● Session log file enhancements - Session log files are no longer overwritten on a per session basis. Two options are now available:

1) Rolling per session basis (default: 10 rolling sessions) via the SessionLogHistory registry value.
 2) With date and time stamps (default: 7 days) via the SessionLogHistoryDay registry value.

○ WIth this enhancement, the SessionLogAppendMode registry value is deprecated.
○ More information can be found here.

● Updated OpenSSL - WIndows Client now uses OpenSSL version 1.1.1g.
● Updated various third party libraries.

Bug Fixes

● Fixed issue with certain users seeing a “The secure browser may not have displayed properly.” error after authentication, causing an inability to log in.
● Fixed issue with certain users reporting lack of sound.
● Fixed issue with certain users reporting inability to cut and paste.
● Fixed issue with intermittent inability to resume session after session disconnect.
● Fixed issue with certain users reporting inability to print after upgrading to Windows Client 2.9.13.
● Fixed issue with specifying target directory when installing client via command line.
● Fixed issue with certain registry entries not being removed during uninstallation.

Additional Notes

Per Microsoft’s Windows 7 January 14th 2020 end-of-support announcement, Windows Client 2.9.14 has not been certified on Windows 7.

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