In response to the COVID-19 situation, many organizations have shifted to a telework model, asking employees to work from home. This shift can disrupt both user productivity and IT infrastructure. Many organizations are not prepared to deploy sufficient infrastructure to support the additional load.

We have had several inbound inquiries from customers asking whether their Silo licensing terms allow access to Silo resources from personal or home computers, to which the answer is Yes. Your current license terms allow for Silo access from any device or location. Users need to work with their administrators regarding internal policies and authorizations, but there are no contractual restrictions or additional fees associated with a user’s access to their Silo profile.

If you’ve not considered Silo as a tool for remote employees, we encourage you to do so. Silo preserves user access to critical web resources on unmanaged or alternate devices without security exposure, risk of data loss, or compliance violations. Visit or contact your sales representative to find out more.