Browser Toolbar (Browser Chrome)

Here’s a look at the new User Interface (UI),

  1. Customizable Window Title

  2. New Tab - customized key color in screenshot

  3. Navigational Arrows and Reload Current Page icon - arrows placed next to each other in new UI.

  4. Toolbar


  6. Storage Manager

  7. Shortcuts - easily access your web applications

  8. User Profile

  9. Performance Monitor

  10. Vertical Ellipsis Menu - click for Browser Main Menu

  11. Shortcuts area

  12. Bookmarks Link

  13. History

  14. Shortcut View All - Click the link to view all shortcuts

  15. Background - Customizable - set a color or background image, in this example we have changed the background color, key color, and window title



New Icons when a Web page is Open in Silo Browser

A new set of icons appear once the Silo browser opens a web page.


  1. The star icon bookmarks the current web page you are browsing.

  2. This is the bookmark icon that opens the list of bookmarks

  3. This icon is for AdBlock Plus - Click the dropdown arrow to choose your  Disable domain AdBlock  choice.


New Tabs Page

This new tab page opens with a quick launcher of saved Shortcuts with links to Bookmarks, History and the ability to view all Shortcuts. The Admin can customize:

  • The background

  • The Company logo in the top left corner

  • The configured banner color that will be used as the highlighted/active tab color

The Authentic8 copyright message at the bottom will appear even when customized.


The bookmarks are accessible from the browser toolbar and the browser menu (vertical ellipse). The bookmark page opens in a new tab in the browser.


The bookmark content pane is divided into two sections with a parent-child relationship. The Bookmarks banner inherits the branding key color

  • The left pane is used to display the folder structure with n-level of navigation. You can create the tree structures

  • When you click a folder on the left, the contents of that folder display in the right pane

  • The search bar filters the results on the page when at least one character is provided


  • The contextual vertical ellipses on the far right of the Toolbar allows you to add a new bookmark or folder, import/export bookmarks, and to get Help.
  • The contextual vertical ellipses are visible when you mouse over the bookmark and the menu displays on the far right of page.
  • The contextual menu items include edit, copy URL, delete, open in a new tab or window, and to get Help.

Note: Bookmarks page cannot be opened with a keyboard shortcut in this version.

Pin Pad

We will continue to use the Pin Pad for user authorization. There are no functionality changes. However, as part of the UI Refresh, here are the changes:

  • The flip-boards have a larger font size for better readability

  • A key color inherited as part of branding to

    • Call-to-Action button on the pin pad

    • The banner at the top of the pin pad

  • All text on the “Help” button in the pin page has new font


User Profile (formerly User Settings, My Authentic8 Settings)

We have moved the User Profile to the main browser toolbar to enable you to view and update your settings faster. Look at the new User Profile.

  • Click the Person icon on the right side of Toolbar. This lists your IP, Silo IP, and last login. This was in the Settings panel.


  • To open your profile to edit, click the User Profile button. This page displays.


You can make changes to your Personal Information, 2-Factor Authorization, view your Devices, change your Pin, and view your Login History.

We renamed the following labels:

Old Name

New Name

User Settings

User Profile

Computers and Devices


Change your PIN

Change PIN

Launching Web Apps

Users can edit the shortcuts within the browser window. There are two ways to get to Shortcuts: The Key icon on the Toolbar and a New Tab page.

Shortcuts are ordered based on usage, the ones you use most should be on the first page (if multiple pages) except for the Silo Admin Console that displays first for users that have access to it.