If Silo is not working as expected on your Mac you may need to perform a clean un-install and re-install of the client.

Uninstall the client

  1. Click Finder
  2. Click Applications
  3. Drag the Authentic8 client to the Trash

Option 1 of 2 - Remove the preferences plist file via Terminal

  1. Run this command in Terminal "rm ~/Library/Preferences/com.authentic8.launcher.plist"

Option 2 of 2 - Remove the preferences plist file via Finder

  1. Click Finder
  2. Click Go
  3. Click Go to Folder...
  4. Type "~/Library/Preferences" then click Go
  5. Type "com.au" to locate com.authentic8.launcher.plist or manually scroll down the list to find it
  6. Drag com.authentic8.launcher.plist to the Trash

Reinstall the client

  1. Download the latest client from https://www.authentic8.com/download-silo/
  2. Double-click on the Download to run it
  3. Drag the Authentic8 icon to the Applications folder

Please contact us if you are still having issues after performing the steps above or if you have any problems performing the steps above. 

support@authentic8.com | https://support.authentic8.com/support/tickets/new