All log data is deleted from our systems on a rolling 90-day basis. You will be able to download logs for the past 90 days or for a date range within the last 90 days.

Technical Review

From the Admin Console, click the Manage button.


The Log window opens,


    1. Select a Start date (required), the End date is optional.

    2. Format (required), click the drop-down menu and select a format.


    3. Select ‘Download customer encrypted Logs’ or ‘Download clear text logs’. If you select ‘Download customer encrypted Logs’, go to Step 5.

    4. If you select ‘Download clear text logs’, select a log type (required)


    5. Click the Download button.

 Log Type*
Log Type    
Admin Audit
This log records all administrators’ change activities within Silo Admin Console. Who made the change (username), when the change was made (timestamp) and what was changed (including before and after values)
Authentication logs contain entries of users’ authentication attempts such as PIN Authentication method for users created prior since early 2013); SAML Auth
Blocked URL
Blocked URL data tracks the access of sites/domains prevented from Category or Doman Filtering policies.
Cookie data is part of a normal URL request, but the data is considered sensitive. URLs are always logged, but the sensitive data is only logged when Encrypted Logs policy is Enabled and, therefore, is only present in decrypted logs.
Download logs contain info of user file download activities and file info.
Generates a log when an exploit is discovered while downloading a file to the local computer. The delivered values will change based on if the user decides to download the malware.
Location Change
Location change data tracks the changes to the address in the location bar (URLs bar). Sites accessed via Google search queries are tracked as well.
Secure Storage (A8SS)
A8SS logs contain information about activities and files in Secure Cloud Storage.
Session logs contain detailed information of user sessions for all product type (Silo and Toolbox)
Translation logs tracks information about page/content translated within Silo and Toolbox sessions.
Upload logs contain info of user file upload activities and file information.
URL logs contain user web site navigation details.

*For additional information, please refer to Silo Logs Reference Guide.

Additional Information

Please contact Support if you have additional questions, or require further information about Silo.