There are a couple reasons why you might see an error that says 

"Login Failed: We cannot authenticate you using SSO Reason: No SAML Signature"

Reason 1The user does not have a PIN assigned and is trying to sign in using their email address and PIN to an org configured for Single Sign On (SSO).

  • Resolution 1: Ensure the user is able to successfully communicate with your SSO server via your local company network, VPN or a publicly available SSO proxy.
  • Resolution 2: If you would like the user to have the option of using Silo without access to the SSO server - Reset the password for the user and they should be prompted for the password and then given the opportunity to create a PIN on the next session.
  • Resolution 3: Ensure that the user is setup to use SSO properly. Make sure the client SSO keys are set in the registry. You can save the text below as a .reg if you want to add the keys to the registry. If you are updating your registry be sure to replace <your portal name> with the correct value from the Silo Admin Console e.g. authentic8 :

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Authentic8, Inc.\Authentic8]
"IEWebViewURL"="<your portal name>/"

The user should see "Connecting to the SSO Domain" when they run Silo if it is properly configured for SSO.

Reason 2The computer clock is more than five seconds out of sync with the atomic clock.

  • Resolution: Ensure that your computer clock is synchronizing with your server clock and the server clock is synchronizing with a known good NTP provider. More information can be found here