Q: What are the minimum network requirements to use Silo and Toolbox?

A:  Authentic8's service is delivered from five Google Compute Engine data centers located around the world.  Google leverages more the 70 global network points of presence and IP Anycast to efficiently route data to and from customer networks. 

Authentic8 has gone through great lengths to ensure the service is highly available all the way to our network endpoints.  Authentic8 continuously monitors latency and packet loss across all network paths.

However, Authentic8 neither controls the customer's network nor the hops between the customer's ISP and our network points of presence.  In general, the following experience is achieved when the accompanying networking conditions are met below:

  • Optimal Experience --  3/1.5 Mbps down/up throughput with less than 50ms of latency and 0% packet loss
  • Standard Experience -- 3/1.5 Mbps down/up throughput with less than 100ms of latency and up to 1% packet loss
  • Usable Experience -- 1.5/1.5 Mbps down/up throughput with less than 200ms of latency and up to 3% packet loss

In very poor network conditions, users will experience long pauses or freezing.  In extreme cases, it can cause the client to disconnect from the service and end the session.  Customer Support can help diagnose if you suspect this is happening to your client.

NOTE: Some countries place additional restrictions on internet connectivity that could impact accessing Authentic8 services.

Additional Notes  

Please contact Support if you have any additional questions and/or require further information.