Silo is an on-demand, remote, disposable virtual browser which executes browser code without taxing or exposing local resources.  With the addition of the Granular Admin Controls feature, it is now possible to create admin accounts with a subset of privileges.  This allows organizations to distribute administration duties to other users without having to give all admins all permissions over the instance.

For example, an admin may choose to delegate user management functions to help desk personnel.  In this case the help desk users would be able to add, delete, or modify users.  This setting would allow a help desk person to reset a user’s PIN but would not have the ability to modify policy controls over the entire organization or enterprise.   


To set up a new admin, first identify a user who will be enabled as an admin and double click the user in the Users & Orgs panel of the Admin Console (notice the padlock in the Admin Permissions section of the console).


Press the Admin Permissions padlock and select Enable from the drop down menu.  Select the checkbox next to the appropriate permissions and then press the save button.  In the example displayed here (after pressing save), the test user only has access to user management.


Updated to include Logs Permission.

Description of Admin Permission Groups

Users - This permission set allows the configured admin to add, delete, and suspend and modify users.  To enable this without the Admin Delegation permissions, you must select Users and then de-select the Admin Delegation permission.

Admin Delegation - This permission allows the admin to assign admin permissions to a user. 
Note: the admin cannot assign permissions for a permission that they do not have.  For example, a Users admin with the Admin Delegation enabled cannot assign Policies permissions to another admin.

Organizations - This allows users to add, delete, move, and modify org. 

Policies - Enabling this grants access to the Policy Panel.

Resource Provisioning - Controls access to the Web Apps Panel which controls Web Apps provisioning along with Pooled Storage allocation. 

Logs -This allows users to download logs in .csv or JSON format.  

Additional Notes

Please contact Support if you have additional questions.