It is now possible for administrators to control if clipboard data can be passed from the users’ desktops to Silo or from Silo to the users’ desktops.  This feature adds an additional layer of security for those administrators who want this.

Technical Details

There are two options which can be controlled.  None, one, or both may be enabled:

  • Do not allow users to copy content from the Authentic8 environment to the client machine
  • Do not allow users to copy content from the client machine to the Authentic8 environment.


This feature can be set by a Silo Administrator that has the ability to edit Policies. This policy is located in Data Transfer>Copy/Paste. By default the policy is not enabled allowing copy and pasting bidirectionally. This policy can be enabled at a top level org to apply to all users or at a sub org level to only apply to a sub group of users. 

Additional Notes

Silo and Toolbox handle copy and paste commands differently

  • When enabled, Toolbox will allow users to copy and paste text and binary files (such as images)
  • When enabled, Silo will only allow the copy and pasting of ASCII and UTF-8 text

Please contact Support if you have any additional questions or concerns.