It is now possible for administrators to control whether or not their users are able to save passwords for their preferred shortcuts. Previously, if users were given access to user configured shortcuts, they could save credentials to those sites.  Now, administrators can limit this ability by enforcing this policy.

Technical Detail

Control of this feature is in the Admin Console, Password Saving policy page. Once in the Password Saving page, you select a radio button to either enable or disable.

  • Enabled: Users can choose to save their personal login credentials

  • Disabled: Users cannot save their personal login credentials.

Password Saving Policy


Additional Notes  

  • If this policy is enforced after users have already saved credentials, the old credentials will not be purged.  Therefore, It is recommended that the administrator or the user delete and recreate previously created apps which have stored credentials. This will ensure credentials are not stored after the policy is in place.

  • Admin Controlled Apps and Shared Apps can still be provisioned to the end users with saved credentials.

  • Admins can still provision user controlled apps to their end users, but the option to save credentials is disabled if the policy is being enforced.

Please contact Support if you have any additional questions and/or require further information.