This document provides connection information which might be needed to allow Silo to work properly from behind a firewall.  If your network utilizes a firewall to limit outbound traffic you may need to whitelist our IP ranges.


Please make sure to allow access to TCP port 443 to the following list of IPs.

Launcher IPs:

Load Balancer IPs:

Authentic8 registered IP space:

Third Party Provider IPs:

Legacy IPs:

*If you are using the legacy load balancers, then you may need to whitelist the following IPs as well:

Host Names

Host names can be broadly whitelisted as:


Connection Type

Silo uses a TLS connection over port 443. If you are observing and blocking traffic protocols over port 443 which are not HTTP, you might not be able to connect to Silo without making an exception for our service.

SSL Inspection Rules
If your firewall performs SSL inspect actions, you will need to disable this for Silo connections.  Please contact support if you need more detailed information on this.

Additional Notes
Please contact Support if you have additional questions or require any further information.