A New Windows Release 2.9.13

Release Notes

Release Date:10/14/2019
Windows Build: 2.9.13

This release of our Windows client enables the ability to turn on SSL inspection on Silo client traffic.

Previously, customers were required to exempt Authentic8 IP address ranges from SSL inspection. This was because by default, the Windows client verified the validity of SSL certificates received from Authentic8 servers, which prevents customer-side SSL inspection and introduces additional overhead on the customer side when Authentic8 deploys new infrastructure.

With Windows client 2.9.13, the default client behavior is changing to not verify Authentic8 server certificates, in line with standard industry security practices. This will allow users to turn on SSL inspection.

Customers who wish to continue verifying Authentic8 server certificates may re-enable certificate verification via a registry setting (see
Enabling Server Certificate Validation link).

New Features:

  • Allow customer-side SSL traffic inspection
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and library upgrades

Note: The above applies to Windows client version 2.9.13 only. OS X and Linux client behavior is unchanged, but will match Windows client in their next releases. If you have OS X and Linux clients in your environment and desire to enable SSL inspection on Silo client traffic, do not do so until the next OS X and Linux clients are released.