This is the error message image:

if you are receiving this error, it is because Silo’s remote display has stopped working on your Windows Operating System. This can happen for various reasons. Therefore, you will need to provide Authentic8 Support with additional information when this event occurs.
The affected user will need to set up a crash dump folder for Silo and send us the crash dump logs as they are generated from display crashes. To do this, please set up a crash dump folder so we can collect more information on why your crashes may be happening.

Run the attached registry file. Here are the instructions on how to do the crash dump:

1. Import the attached reg file
2. Create a directory called C:\CrashDumps
3. Run the application until a subsequent crash occurs

Once the client crashes, this should generate a file in that directory. When that happens please send the CrashDump file to Authentic8 Support via a large file-sharing software for Support to further analyze.

Please note the date, time, and time zone in which the crash occurred to aid in our troubleshooting process. If you cannot get an exact time (down to the minute) of when the crash occurred, please give us your best estimate.